Gemstone Gallery

Browse our wide range of gemstones! From pearls to peridot, we have your colored stone needs covered! If you’re shopping for a birth stone and cannot find products for April, head over to our Diamond Gallery — April’s birthstone is Diamond!

* Intensity of the color of the stone varies. Please e-mail Petersen Jewelers at for more pictures of the product, or come in and see it in person! *


This beautifully vibrant stone for the birth month of February is easily distinguishable by its purple color. Amethysts come in varying shades, from a faded lilac to a rich violet.


This semi-precious stone is for the birth month of March. It is distinguished by its pale blue color and can even appear almost colorless or with greenish-yellow hues.


Emeralds have been loved by everyone for ages as it represents renewal. Whether you’re gifting an emerald for a May birthday or anniversary, the receiver will be stunned by the vibrancy and richness of the green emerald. It is a precious stone and is known for its fragility. Emeralds aren’t recommended to be worn daily as it increases the risk of the stone shattering.

Pearls, Peridots & Alexandrite

An uncanny pairing, but Pearls and Alexandrite have one thing in common: They are both for the birth month of June, while the lime-green stone Peridot belongs to the month of August. As genuine Alexandrites can be extremely pricey and hard to come by, we offer a selection of synthetic Alexandrites that reflect shades of green, blue, and purple. The fun part about Alexandrites is their chameleon-like quality where they can’t seem to pick a color! The photo of one of our Alexandrite rings made the stone appear purple when it is in fact more than that. Visit us in store to view this Alexandrite in different lighting, and while you’re here, check out our selection of pearls!

Rubies & Sapphires

Rubies, along with sapphires, are the hardest colored gemstone that can be set in jewelry. Unlike emeralds, they can take a punch and can last nearly a lifetime. They are precious stones and come from the corundum family. Rubies are for the month of July and Sapphires are for September!

Pink Tourmaline & Opals

Pink Tourmalines & Opals are gifted for the birth month of October. Pink Topaz can be substituted for Pink Tourmaline to fit your budget. We offer a selection of both, and if you really want a natural Pink Tourmaline instead of Pink Topaz – we’ll provide one for you! Pink Topaz or Tourmaline are usually opted for over Opals because of how fragile Opals are. Opals are not recommended for everyday wear.


The birthstone for November, Citrine is known for its orange-yellow colors. The yellow quartz gets its name from the French word “citron”, meaning “lemon”.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the most common birthstone for December. Although pretty rare to find in nature, the easy process to turn a white topaz into a blue through heat and irradiation makes Blue Topaz one of the most affordable gemstones, which is why the paler blue topazes are sometimes substituted in place of an Aquamarine.


Tanzanites are another birthstone for December, however they are a lot more rare than topaz. They come from the country Tanzania, named after their country by Tiffany & Co. who made the gemstone popular. They range from blue to violet in color and can even show hues of burgundy.