January Garnet BirthstoneJanuary – Garnets

Garnets are attributed with the power of protecting you from nightmares and snakebites, and also to provide you guidance in the dark. Tradition connects the stone with blood. They are a popular choice as presents for second wedding anniversaries.

February Amethyst BirthstoneFebruary – Amethyst

The Amethyst is believed to induce peace, serenity and temperance in you, plus it will restrict sensual and alcoholic intoxication, which may be good or bad. In addition, amethyst can improve your skin and hair, and will prevent baldness. It will protect you from deceit. Its purple shade is linked to royalty and makes an ideal gift for the sixth wedding anniversary.

March-Aquamarine-BirthstoneMarch – Aquamarine

Aquamarine has lovely attributes of good health, love, youthfulness, and hope. Sailors believe in its protection. Generally chosen as a 19th anniversary gift, this stone is in the beryl family, the same as emerald.

April Diamond BirthstoneApril –  Diamond

Diamonds are traditionally linked to love, and both endure forever because of diamond’s eternal strength. The name diamond is derived from the Greek adamas, which means invincible. Traditionally diamond is accepted as the 10th and 60th wedding anniversary presentations.

 May Emerald BirthstoneMay – Emerald

Emeralds will cure you of bad health, healing a variety of illnesses and insuring good health for the wearer. Also, it was believed that the wearer of emerald could see into the future.

 June-Pearl-Alexandrite-Quartz-170June – Smokey Quartz,
Pearl, Alexandrite

The romantic pearl is associated with chastity and modesty. Stable  marriages are said to be the result of pearls.

 July Ruby BirthstoneJuly –  Ruby

Rubies will bring harmony of life to the wearer, so one can expect a peaceful life when wearing this stone

 August Peridot BirthstoneAugust – Peridot

Peridot is believed to protect the wearer from evil, particularly from the forces of darkness. It can also increase the healing power of medicinal drugs. The astrological choice is Carnelian.

September Saphire BirthstoneSeptember – Sapphire

Faith and purity will come to the wearer of this stone. Common belief said brighter the glitter of the stone, the stronger the positive virtues, plus giving the lucky person useful foresight into the future. The astrological stone is Chrysolite.

October-Opal-or-RoseOctober – Rose Zirconia, Opal

Opals are stones of hope and bringers of the virtues of innocence and purity. Opals stimulate healing and increase friendship and healthful emotions.

November-Topaz-BirthstoneNovember – Topaz

Cool topaz has the power of healing and preserving ones sanity. The stone is associated with life and strength of body and mind. It was once thought that the wearer would become invisible when danger was near. The astrological stone is citrine.

December-Blue-Topaz-BirthstoneDecember – Blue Topaz

Turquoise brings good fortune, good luck, and a happy life, things that everyone would like to have from this blue stone. Ruby is the astrological stone.


Anniversary Gemstones

1st Year: Gold Jewelry
2nd Year: Garnet
3rd Year: Pearls
4th Year: Blue Topaz
5th Year: Sapphire
6th Year: Amethyst
7th Year: Onyx
8th Year: Tourmaline
9th Year: Lapis Lazuli
10th Year: Diamond Jewelry
11th Year: Turquoise
12th Year: Jade
13th Year: Citrine
14th Year: Opal
15th Year: Ruby
16th Year: Peridot
17th Year: Watches
18th Year: Cat’s-Eye
19th Year: Aquamarine
20th Year: Emerald
21st Year: Iolite
22nd Year: Spinel
23rd Year: Imperial Topaz
24th Year: Tanzanite
25th Year: Silver Jubilee
30th Year: Pearl Jubilee
35th Year: Emerald
40th Year: Ruby
45th Year: Sapphire
50th Year: (Golden Jubilee) Gold
55th Year: Alexandrite
60th Year: (Diamond Jubilee) Diamond
70th Year: (Sapphire Jubilee) Sapphire
80th Year: (Ruby Jubilee) Ruby